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We are a company offering business services including freelance web design, website management and business consultancy. We pride ourselves on providing reliable, high quality and efficient service that will exceed your expectations. We also operate in the field of property development primarily as buy to let investors. We are based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.


We build great looking, user friendly websites at affordable prices. We’ve designed a large variety of different websites types and styles, plus have experience with a wide variety of different software. We also offer website management and maintenance services for any site.


We have extensive experience of running businesses incorporating elements such as online retail, wholesale distribution, customer service, logistics, staff management and much more. Use the benefit of our experience to help your business overcome obstacles and break new ground.


We are property investors specializing in buy to let in the Wolverhampton and Telford Areas. Our portfolio is wide ranging; from 2 bed flats in the heart of the city of Wolverhampton to 4 bed properties in Telford.  We are always on the look out for additional properties to add to our range.


Our Work

Here's a selection of our work for you to browse:

Eclipse Kickboxing & GJJ

Eclipse Kickboxing & GJJ

Eclipse Kickboxing and Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts gym in the centre of Wolverhampton offering adults and childrens classes. Founded in 1989 the club can boast two world champion kickboxing instructors in owner Fran Zuccala and Kyle Williams. In 2012 Eclipse became an official Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy, one of the first in the UK.

In redesigning the Eclipse website, we wanted to provide a site that was consistent with their existing branding and also very visually appealing. We found this balance by using predominantly their existing orange, black and white colour scheme whilst introducing a variety of other colours throughout the site. We also made heavy use of video footage of the gyms classes to help give the browser a sense of the club’s environment and to make them feel familiar with the club before they ever even step through the front door. For many martial arts gyms, a big barrier to getting new members can be that initial fear of the unknown but now browsers on the Eclipse site can see exactly what to expect from the classes provided.

Other prominent features of this site are complex timetables which are filterable by class type, dedicated pages for each coach/instructor, an upcoming events module, image and video galleries, social media integration, a blog, a web store, full integration of existing booking and student education systems and a testimonials facility. The site is also fully responsive and mobile friendly and optimised for SEO purposes.

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MegaSporeBiotic UK

MegaSporeBiotic UK

MegaSporeBiotic is one of a new breed of probiotics that are far more effective, easily absorbed and bioactive. MegaSporeBiotic uses spores, which survive passage through the gastric system and colonize effectively to provide the health benefits that most probiotics claim but few deliver.

For this project we were tasked with building the UK distributor of MegaSporeBiotic a Shopify website with an eye catching colour scheme, easy navigation and an optimal shopping experience for customers.

This product is only available to health care professionals for onward sale to their clients, so another requirement was to create a system whereby only registered customers can view pricing and make purchases. We edited the existing Shopify source code to facilitate this and to direct new customers to a form where they could register themselves, subject to approval, for a practitioner account.

As well as maintaining this site, we also provide ongoing business consultancy to this client and have aided them with streamlining their order processing procedures.

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Enzyme Science

Enzyme Science

Enzyme Science are an exclusive line of supplements designed for people with health issues such as digestive disorders, food intolerances (e.g. gluten or lactose), candidiasis, and muscle inflammation.

For this project we were given a duplicate of the existing US store, which we then had to re-tool to suit the UK importer’s requirements. This included some modification to admin processes to make order processing more efficient for their warehouse team.

As well as maintaining their website, we also provide ongoing business consultancy to this client.

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Enzymedica UK

Enzymedica UK

Enzymedica are America’s number 1 selling brand of digestive enzyme supplements and Enzymedica is the website of their UK importer/distributor.

For this job, we were tasked with taking a duplication of Enzymedica’s new main US site and re-tooling it for the UK market. This involved a fair amount of data re-entry, re-coding of elements of the site and also some bespoke modifications to the admin processes to suit the UK distributors requirements. For instance we installed one click capability for batch printing of orders and shipping labels and we integrated the site with the clients’ Mail Chimp account.

As well as maintaining their website, we also provide ongoing business consultancy to this client in a variety of areas, including streamlining their order processing practices and helping them with some of the issues that can arise in rapid growing mail order and distribution companies.

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Just Thrive UK

Just Thrive UK

Just Thrive is a probiotic supplement made in the USA based on world leading probiotic research, and distributed in the UK by TMC Ventures who commissioned us to build this website. Users report improved immune function and digestion, better gut health and more energy.

For this site, we took elements of existing branding and created an attractive, colourful, clear and easy to use website using the client’s requested software (Shopify). The website is fully integrated with social media and with the client’s Mail Chimp account through which they send out their newsletters. The site also features a blog and testimonials.

We now maintain this website and also offer ongoing business consultancy to this client.

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MMA Challenge

MMA Challenge

MMA Challenge are a promoter of Mixed Martial Arts shows where relative novices at martial arts can compete with full safety gear in front of their friends and family all while earning money for charity.  Participants enjoy 8 weeks of free MMA training before entering the cage and being matched up against a suitable opponent.

For the MMA Challenge website we created a crisp, easy to use website that is visually appealing whilst offering a range of features such as an events/calender system, an online store, a signup page where the fighters register their details and pay a small application fee and a blog.

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Loco Investing

Loco Investing

Loco Investing, as the name would suggest, is one of our own new projects – a website dedicated to providing news and information on investing in the stock market and in property.

For this website we used a content management system software to create an online magazine style site with articles filterable by category, a featured articles section, capabilities for comments and reviews/ratings, plus social media integration. The site is also monetized via the use of Google Adsense and affiliate marketing so that it earns advertising income.

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Combat Athlete

Combat Athlete

Combat Athlete are the largest MMA gym in Telford, Shropshire, offering classes in Mixed Martial Arts, No Gi Grappling, Circuit Training, Personal Training and Self Defence.  We recently redesigned their site for them, providing a far more professional, attractive and user friendly site featuring a variety of useful features, social media integration and lots of images of their gym and members.  The site is also fully responsive, making it great for browsing on tablets and mobiles as well as desktops and laptops.


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Dynamic Sports Nutrition

Dynamic Sports Nutrition

Dynamic Sports Nutrition are a leading supplement retailer based in Telford, Shropshire.

We built for them an attractive and quite complex online retail store with a host of modifications and features that massively enhance their customers’ online experience and simplify their back office administration. Those features include:

– Shop By Brand Functionality
– Shop By Goal Functionality
– Newsletter Signup Integrated with Constant Contact
– A Highly Versatile Reward Points System
– Social Media Integration
– Complex Special Offers and Discounting Capability
– Bulk Order Processing and Administration
– Abandoned Basket Follow Up Emails
– Enhanced One Page Checkout For Easier Order Completion
– Integration with Sagepay, Paypal and Payment Sense
– Page Speed Enhancements
– Separate Wholesale Section Requiring The Customer To Login With Trade Account Credentials

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