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One of the most interesting and rewarding services we offer is business consultancy. Having operated several large businesses ourselves, we have a wealth of experience that we can pass on to you to help you towards the success of your own business. There are few business problems that we have not had experience of and therefore we consider ourselves professional problem solvers. In fact, we believe that running a business is like facing a series of problems, puzzles or challenges one after another. Like all challenges in life, sometimes a little help is needed to get the solution and that’s where we can help with our business consultancy services.

Our own experience in business is in the following areas:

– Online Retail on a large scale: Up to 700 orders processed per day, 2000 daily website visitors, in-house web design and management.
– Warehousing/Logistics: Up to £350,000 of inventory managed, up to 2500 parcels shipped per week, management of dedicated warehouse staff team.
– Import/Export: Exclusive import, distribution and representation of US and Canadian manufacturers, import of container sized shipments from outside of EU, import and export within EU.
– Office Management: Management of a sizeable office staff team, customer service management dealing with hundreds of inquiries a day.
– Accounting: Operating Accounts in Sage 50 for up to 50,000 transactions and £350k turnover a month, large scale debtor and creditor control, running a Payroll for a fairly large total team of staff.
– Web Marketing: Managing Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click marketing tools at a budget limit of over £1500 per day, third party website adverts and articles, shopping comparison site integration, social media marketing.
– Offline Marketing: In house graphic design for all media, flyers, brochures, advertising in national and international magazines like Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness, referral schemes, local advertising
– Staff Management: Dealing with a diverse team of individuals, recruitment, dealing with staff disagreements and other issues
– The Sport Nutrition Industry: We operated one of the top 5 online retailers for sports nutrition prior to selling that company for a large profit so have unique and extensive experience of that particular market.
– Health Club/Gym management: The running of a small health club with all of the challenges that brings such as membership retention, equipment maintenance/turnover, marketing, membership fee collection and competing at a disadvantage against large corporate gyms.
– Property Investment: Management of our own portfolio of rental properties yielding an average 9% net yield, equity of over a million pounds of property, sourcing and negotiation, dealing with tenants and agents, using financial gearing.
– Company Analysis: As keen stock market investors, we spend many hours every week analysing companies of all sizes and pinpointing which we believe are good investments. We know what to look for in company accounts and balance sheets in order to identify issues.
– Selling a Business: We have sold now three businesses, one of which was for a seven figure sum and involved months and months of due diligence and negotiations. We know the difficulties, tax implications, costs, stress and other issues involved.
– Liquidating a Company: We have experienced the unfortunate situation of having to liquidate a company, deciding on when it’s necessary to do so and the process that has to be followed.
– Starting a New Business: All of our businesses have been start-ups, so we know the trials and tribulations that come with being a new business as well as what it takes to succeed and the mistakes many new businesses make.

We believe that our breadth of experience can translate to virtually any industry and that we can be of use to your business. In the unlikely event that you give us your requirements and we dont truly believe we can offer you the help you need then we will not take you on as a client. Contact us for more information and a no obligation quote for our business consultancy services. We primarily offer our business consultancy in Wolverhampton, Telford and surrounding areas but will always consider travelling further afield.

Business Consultancy Services Options

We offer the following business consultancy services options:

Business Health Check

- Quick online consultation
  • - Consultation by email
  • - Analysis of company history, set up and accounts
  • - Brief market and competitor analysis
  • - Report with recommendations, suggestions and identification of key issues
  • - Ongoing help if required by email at an agreed hourly rate

Ad Hoc Consultation

- Consult us as required
  • - Consultation in person or online to suit
  • - Bounce problems and/or ideas off us any time
  • - No job too big or too small
  • - Use us only as you need to, on an ongoing basis
  • - No obligations

All services are fully confidential. And remember, we will not take your case on if we dont feel we can help and give you value for your money. You have nothing to lose so get in touch with us today with an outline of your requirements.

Business Consultancy FAQ:

Q. Why do I need business consultancy?
A. You may need help with your business for many reasons – from a small problem such as finding out how to integrate your accounting software with your website to cut administration time, to a large scale business review. Maybe you even need a ‘business rescue plan’ because things are very difficult. Other examples are identifying where a business can cut overheads and maximize profits, generating ideas for increasing turnover or diversifying and reviewing staff performance.

Q. What are the benefits of someone from outside analyzing your business?
A. Sometimes it’s very difficult to view your own business objectively. An outsider has no emotional investment in your business so can give you the honest feedback you need. We know ourselves from experience that when you’re totally immersed in running your venture, it’s very hard to take that step back and see the bigger picture. The other advantage is that a third party like us brings an entirely different skill set and point of view that can be very valuable when combined with your own skills.

Q. Will I be tied into any contract?
A. No. We enjoy doing business consultancy but we only want to do it if a) we are providing value to the client and b) the client is happy with our service. We are also fortunate to be individuals in a strong financial position who dont need the work for income. We do this only because we enjoy it and find it rewarding – we arent just out to make a quick buck!

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