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We have designed a wide range of websites from very simple projects right up to sites that required multiple pieces of software and integration. As such, each web design job is different and we can work to your specifications and budget. As a guide though, we offer four main web design packages:


- Great For Small Or New Sites
  • One Page Website Or Up To 4 Content Pages
  • Fully Responsive Theme
  • Includes Blog Functionality
  • Search Engine Optimized


- Ideal for Medium Sized Content-Only Sites
  • Up to 10 Content Pages
  • Fully Responsive Theme
  • Includes Blog Functionality
  • Search Engine Optimized


- Complete online store
  • Full E-commerce Site
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Includes Full Set-up
  • Search Engine Optimized

Questions about our Web Design Services?

We’re sure you have questions about these options, so here’s some of the most frequent along with our answers:

Package Options

Q. None of your web design packages quite fit what I need, what can I do?
A. No problem, please drop us an email with your requirements and budget and we will give you a bespoke quote.

Q. Can I specify what software you use?
A. Yes.  We do have our own favourites, but we are familiar with many different pieces of web design software (including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Opencart, Candypress, Prestashop and many more) and we’re open to learning new ones!

Getting Started

Q. What do I need to get started?
A.  You will need the following:
– A domain name (we recommend buying your domain at www.domainmonster.com)
– A web hosting account (please let us advise you what you need based on what we’ll be building for you)
– A selection of which web design package you want, or alternatively an outline of what you need your site to contain.
– Optional: Some examples you’ve found of other sites that look similar to how you would like yours to look.
– Copies of your company branding for us to work from if available.

Further Work and Updates

Q. Once the initial web design project is finished, do you offer updates, redesigns etc..?
A. Yes, at additional cost.  Like most web design providers, the price you pay us for your site is for the initial design and implementation.  Once you confirm you are happy with the site, our job for the quoted price is done.  However, you may in future want us to update the software your site works on, do a redesign, install extra features etc..  All of these come under our website management scheme, where we will do all work at an hourly rate (currently £25 per hour) plus any software purchases required (e.g. software extensions/plugins) re-billed to you at cost price.

Content Sites

Q. What can I do with a content site you design for me?
A. Our content sites usually feature an agreed number of pages of content and a blog.  You can then add as many additional pages and blog posts as you like yourself.  We are happy to help you get to grips with using the software.  Alternatively, if you have no wish to operate the site yourself, you can just send us the content and pay us our hourly website management rate to upload it for you.

E-Commerce Set Up

Q. What does basic set up of an e-commerce site include?
A. We will set up the payment options, emails, store settings, shipping rates, and up to 5 product listings.

Q. Can you integrate my store with my required payment gateway?
A. Please contact us with your exact requirements and we will confirm.  We have experience integrating Sagepay, Worldpay and Payment Sense so far.  Paypal integration usually comes as standard.

Q. Why do you only list up to 5 products?
A. Listing products is quite time consuming and when some stores we work with have hundreds of products, that could greatly increase the time and expense of us doing your store for you.  Many customers would rather save the expense and list the extra products themselves from following what we’ve done and from asking us if they have any problems.

Q. Can you list more than 5 products for me?
A. We do new product listings and updating of existing listings as part of our website management service.  This is an ad hoc scheme – you just pay us however long it takes us to do what you need, at our hourly rate (£25 per hour at the time of writing).

Q. Do you handle PCI DSS compliance?
A. This is not included as standard in our web design service but we can help with it at our hourly rate.  Please note that your PCI DSS compliance requirements are considerably less if you use a hosted payment solution like Paypal or Sagepay where you dont take card payments on your own website, and we usually recommend this option.  PCI DSS compliance is usually requested when you have a card merchant account with a provider such as cardnet.

Search Engine Optimisation

Q. Do you offer Search Engine Optimisation?
A. If you look at our web design packages that we offer, from the standard package upwards on page Search Engine Optimization is included in our price.  We dont currently offer a paid or more extensive SEO service, or do things like link building although we may do in the future.  Off page SEO is a very murky subject at the moment and you should be very wary of any company that offers high rankings in the search engines these days.  Virtually all of the practices these companies use are now considered ‘black hat’ (in breach of search engine rules) by Google.  And the rules are changing all of the time in recent years, so very few SEO companies are achieving good results any more.  And in fact, many are getting their clients’ sites penalised by Google and dropped even lower in the rankings.  The best and safest way to optimize your site for search engines is using on page optimization like we use and then creating great, useful and relevant content on your site targeted well for your specific audience.  Having said that, we do intend to more thoroughly study SEO in the future so may offer a paid service at some point if we feel we can do it to a high standard.  We dont like offering a service unless we know we can do it to a high standard.

Domains and Hosting

Q. Do the packages include domain registration?
A. No, we can register the domain for you and bill it at cost price if you need us to. Our recommended domain registrar is Domain Monster.  Domains are typically very cheap, .co.uk extension domains are currently from £2.79 per year.

Q. Do you offer web hosting?
A. No.  In our own extensive experience, web hosting is best left to the absolute experts as its a round the clock job.  Often when web design companies offer hosting it’s either a) on their own small web servers and their service is not great as its not their full time job or b) they use reseller accounts with a big hosting company which then sits them as middlemen in the customer service chain, slowing down resolutions to any hosting issues that come up.  We have used since 2004 a company called Catalyst2 who we rate extremely highly due to their incredible customer service.  We have tried quite a few other hosts and none compared in terms of customer service.  When we email with an issue, it’s usually resolved within minutes.  That’s the kind of service we expect for both ourselves and our clients so if we design a site for you, we recommend you let us set you up a hosting account with Catalyst2.  Their packages are very affordable too – from only £2.99 to £12.99 + VAT per month.  Most of our sites require packages costing £2.99 – £4.99 + VAT per month.  If you do have a preferred webhost though, we can work with them also.

Social Media Integration

Q. Can you integrate my social media pages (Facebook, Twitter etc..) with my site?
A. There’s a number of ways that we can do this yes.  We can present you with the options before or during our work on your project.  It’s not included as standard, but it’s usually a very small additional cost.

Q. Can you set up social media accounts for me?
A. Yes, we can do initial set up of social media accounts for you at our hourly website management rate.

Q. Will you manage my social media accounts for me?
A. We do not offer this service sorry.

Graphic Design/Logo Design

Q. Do you offer graphic design and logo design?
A. This isn’t part of our main business but we can help with these.  Please drop us an email with your requirements.


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