October 3, 2014 James

The Importance of Page Speed

Many people underestimate the importance of page speed for their website – that is, how quickly the individual pages of their site load. Not only does it matter to end users, who are far less likely to stay on your site the longer it takes to load, but it appears to matter in search engine rankings too. It’s widely believed that page speed is factored into the complex algorithms the search engines like Google use for their rankings.

We use two tools to maximize the page speed of our websites – GT Metrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

We’re just putting the finishing touches to this, our own new site, and part of that final process is getting page speed down. Just an hours work, using both of the above tools and following the recommendations they provided, has taken us from a starting point of a 58% page speed grade on GT Metrix with a 7 second page load on a 56kb connection, to a 97% score with the page load down to only 3.49 seconds. This is time very well spent! Here’s our latest readout:

Importance of Page Speed

It’s not always possible to implement all of GT Metrix and Google Page Insight’s recommendations depending on the software and server set up, but good results can almost always be achieved. Don’t underestimate the importance of page speed for search engine rankings and user experience. We recommend that at the very least you run your own site through GT Metrix and see how you fare. And if you need help speeding up your site or if you need a fast and efficient new website, please keep us in mind. We offer affordable web design or we can work with existing sites to improve page load speed.

The Importance of Page Speed For Search Engine Rankings and User Experience