October 10, 2014 James

Our Latest Project: www.loco-investing.com

Our latest web design project is actually one of our own websites – www.loco-investing.com. This is our pet project, a website devoted to stock market and property investment where we provide articles, news, analysis, discussion and educational information on all aspects of investing in the stock market and in property. Share investing is a complex business but one we enjoy and are very active in. We also have a growing portfolio of properties that we rent out as long term investments, so feel well qualified to provide information on that sector.

The Loco Investing website has been up for a number of months, but we decided to change it from it’s original form of a fairly basic personal style blog to something far more professional and corporate looking. We also wanted to switch the software from Drupal to WordPress since we are using WordPress more and more now with our web design clients so we want to become experts at it. The more sites we build with more and more features using WordPress, the better we get and the better a service we can provide our customers. We have also completely re-branded the site with a new logo and new colour scheme.

We think the new Loco Investing site looks great and hope you agree. If you have an interest in stock market and/or property investment then please do check it out and bookmark us for future visits as we will be putting a lot of great content on there.