Website Management from Loco Ventures

There are many reasons why a business may find itself in need of website management from a company like us. Maybe you had someone build your site who is no longer available to work on it for you for whatever reason. Maybe you’ve been doing your website management yourself but no longer have the time. Or you have realized that your time could be better spent elsewhere. Perhaps its simply a case that we were the ones who built your website for you and you want us to continue to update it and manage it rather than you doing it yourself. Whatever the reason, we are willing and able to help.

What does Website Management involve?

Website management services may include:

– Software updates/upgrades
– Changes to individual web pages
– Changes to site design
– Installation of software extensions and modules
– Posting of content
– Listing of products on e-commerce sites

Billing for Website Management

We have a very simple billing method for our management services, we simply charge an agreed hourly rate. And we bill you to the minute. We dont round up to the nearest 15 or 30 minute window like most similar services do. You only pay us for the exact time we spend working on your site. Of course if extra costs are incurred, such as for extensions or stock imagery then we just recharge those to you at cost price.

Why use us for Website Management?

We are very experienced in this field, having run websites in various industries since 2003. We offer a very reliable service and we are sure you would not be disappointed should you use us. Many companies choose to employ someone to manage their websites full time when often its not required and having a third party company available to work ‘ad hoc’ as required at a reasonable hourly rate is far more cost effective, saving cost on time/wages and other employee costs like NI and PAYE.

Website Management

- Save time and hassle with our reliable service
  • Site updates
  • Extension/Module Installations
  • Upgrades
  • Content Upload
  • Product Listing Updates